Welcome to Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ

CROP 2014rainbowcommawithwordsWelcome to Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ in Oak Lawn, an Open and Affirming congregation. No matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey, our 340-member congregation welcomes you.  Explore this site to find out what we’re all about. We hope you will be inspired by what you see and join us for worship at 9:30 a.m. Sunday in our historic Oak Lawn, Illinois church. We promise you will find a progressive church full of people dedicated to living our mission statement every day: Welcoming All, Worshiping God, Working Together to Serve Others.

Please join us for worship at 9:30 a.m. Sunday. A nursery is provided for children younger than 3. Children ages 3 years through 8th grade are invited to attend Sunday School during the last half of the service. Our service is an inspirational, uplifting experience open to anyone of any faith and those who are searching. Dress as casual or formal as you like – just come experience our welcoming church!

See our Facebook page for photos of many of our events! (You don’t need to join Facebook to see our photos and news.)

Holy Week and Easter Services

March 29 – Palm Sunday Worship – 9:30 a.m.

Children’s Processional – 9:15 a.m.

Worship includes a processional of palms by the children and special music.

April 2

Maundy Thursday – 7:00 p.m.

Tenebrae service with dramatic enactment of the last days of Jesus’ life.

Altar communion.  Service ends in darkness and silence.

April 3

Good Friday – 12:00 noon

Reflections, prayers, music and altar communion.

Moving opportunity to reflect on Jesus as each pounds a nail into the cross.

April 5

Easter Sunday  – Worship at 9:30 a.m.

Children join processional to put fresh cut flowers on the “Living Cross.”

Easter message, special music & communion.

Easter Breakfast at 10:30 a.m.

Breakfast of casseroles, fresh fruit, muffins and more.

Proceeds will help send our youth to church camp

 Children’s Easter Egg Hunt at 11:15 a.m.

Lenten Programs – Sunday, March 8 & Wednesday, March 25

Sunday, March 8th at 11:00 a.m.

Pot Luck Luncheon (bring a dish or two to share)

We’ll begin by sharing a pot luck lunch and then have some discussion with each other about the words we received on our “Star Gifts” in January and what that word means for us. The youth will be included in those discussions with GLUED for K-5 th and nursery care provided for the youngest children.

Wednesday, March 25th – Soup Supper 6:15 p.m

Lenten Program 7:00-8:15 p.m.

Children’s Lenten Adventure 7:00-8:15 p.m.

Michelle Day, who led our Lenten program last year on resolving conflict, will develop that topic further by showing us how to use a peace circle to foster understanding in a conflicted situation. This process can be used in families, churches, schools, community organizations and work.

Michelle Day is an attorney currently working on restorative justice issues with youth as a programs administrator for the Circuit Court of Cook County. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary and is preparing for ordination in the United Church of Christ.

Become a Literacy Tutor – New Classes Begin In April

The next round of literacy tutor training classes at Moraine Valley will be Wednesdays from 6-9 pm on April 1, 8, 15 and 22. Ron and Pat Stancik found these classes very helpful in preparing them to serve as literacy tutors for adults who want to learn how to read better.

We hope to recruit some more volunteer tutors from our church and community because there are more needing a tutor than there are trained tutors. You can get more information or sign up for the free training at  http://www.morainevalley.edu/literacy/tutor_training.htm  or (708) 974-5331.   You can also take the training online if you prefer.

One Great Hour of Sharing – March 15

On March 15, we will collect for One Great Hour of Sharing, an effort not only from the United Church of Christ, but also among other denominations to unite for one day to help others. One Great Hour of Sharing raises money for disaster and refugee relief, both at home and abroad. If you are not at church on March 15, you can give on another Sunday or give online at the United Church of Christ website (ucc.org). Thank you for your generosity in helping others through

Souper Bowl of Caring Results

Thanks for your generosity in contributing to the Souper Bowl of Caring. $174 was contributed by the few who made it to church during the blizzard on February 1. Our Pilgrim Faith Food Pantry generously contributed another $226 to bring our total to $400, which has been sent to St. John UCC Pantry in Chicago. They serve a neighborhood of great need and we are happy to be able to help them.

Children’s Communion Classes Set For March 22 & 29

Children in third grade and up are invited to attend a two-session class to prepare and receive communion.  At least one parent or guardian must attend with the child. The class this year will meet on March 22 and 29, from 6:00 to 7:15 p.m. Children who have completed the class may then receive communion at Pilgrim Faith if the parents so desire. Please let Pastor Peggy know if you and your child would like to participate.

Easter Lillies – Order by March 30

Help celebrate Easter with a plant to beautify our sanctuary.  Each plant is $14.00.

Make your check payable to Pilgrim Faith Church and forward it to the office.  Deadline: March 30

There is also an order form in the Church Newsletter or you can write it out as follows.


Name ____________________________________________________

In memory of” _____________________________________________ “

“In honor of” _______________________________________________

Money enclosed for ____________ plants @$14.00 each

Interfaith Dialogue – March 26

The next dialogue session will be March 26, at 7:00 pm.

The next session of the Oak Lawn interfaith dialogue group will be on the lower level of the Oak Lawn Public Library. Jane Workhoven is Pilgrim Faith’s official representative to this dialogue group consisting of twelve participants, half Christian and half Muslim. Others are welcome to attend to listen to the dialogue, with occasional opportunities to ask questions.


On My Mind: Digging Deep

When my brother and sister and I were young, like many children before us we decided to dig to China. Using a garden spade, we laboriously dug that hard Oklahoma clay until we had a hole about 2 feet by 2 feet, maybe 18 inches deep (or maybe my memory has multiplied the actual size). It got harder and harder and we gave up.

No matter how deep we dug that hole, we could never have dug all the way to China! But there are lots of other situations in life when digging just a little deeper will bring rich rewards. We may unearth archeological treasure or strike water or oil or unbury a hidden memory which will help us heal on old wound. We may reconnect with long lost friends or find a talent we didn’t know we had. We may even find God!

As we move through this Lenten season that is already underway, I invite you to dig a bit. Dig beneath the first answers that come into your head when you pray to God. Allow yourself to ask: “Is that really you, God? Is that really what you want me to know or do?” Sometimes the first answers we hear are actually the echo of our own longing, telling us what we want to hear. Dig a little deeper and listen a little longer to make sure you are really hearing God.

As we move into the upcoming capital campaign to repair and renovate our church and help Tower Hill, I invite you to dig a bit. Most of us think we are giving all that we can already. Perhaps we are. Make sure you engage with God in prayer about what God needs our church to do and how God needs you to help before you make that decision. When God calls us to help, there is always a way!

When we dig deeper than we think we can for God we often discover a spiritual depth that surprises and delights us. And if you discover that you are digging for the wrong things, it is OK to change your quest and dig for more important stuff.   God can point the way!

Pastor Peggy McClanahan – March 2015

Collect Your Rummage – April 20 – April 27

We have discovered an easy fund raiser that does not take a lot of extra work. Please start collecting the “rummage” around your house. A truck from the Savers Store will be in our parking lot to collect the rummage we have saved. Savers will pay us up to 20 cents per pound for the rummage we collect.

We will have the truck from Monday, April 20 through Monday, April 27. with a BIG push for the weekend of April 24-26.”Once the truck arrives, we put our own lock on it so it may be open for church member and public donations to be collected. This is where we need help.

We need volunteers to sign up for service hours to assist people. Assisting would involve taking things from car trunks and loading them into the truck. I have a sign up sheet. If you can help at any time that week, please see or contact me to agree on when you can be there and I will be there to open the truck. We need to gather this information quickly so we can start publicizing when the truck will be open for donations.

Savers will accept “hard” items like books, house wares, and electronics, but “soft” items will bring us more money. By soft we mean anything you can wear; clothing, shoes, outerwear, boots, and jewelry. Soft also applies to bed linens, bedding, and window treatments.

Savers will supply flyers to us so you will be able to share this opportunity with family and friends. Your family and friends are invited to participate in this fund raiser by collecting and donating rummage as well. Please let me know if you need additional flyers for your friends and family.

This is a great opportunity to begin your spring cleaning while making money for Pilgrim Faith at the same time. For questions, please contact me at kathy8f@gmail.com. 

Kathy Faulkner