One Community: One Meal July 23 at Wolfe Wildlife Refuge

This summer’s One Community: One Meal event will be on Sunday, July 23 at Wolfe Wildlife Refuge picnic pavilion at 109th and Laramie in Oak Lawn from 4:00-6:00 p.m. There will also be some games participants can do together.

If you can help by bringing food or with set up and clean up, please contact Rhonda Rodriguez at 708-612-1419 to find out what is needed.

One Community: One Meal is an interfaith effort by members of Oak Lawn churches and The Mosque Foundation of Bridgeview. It provides an opportunity for Christians and Muslims to get to know each other better as they work together to prepare and serve a meal that is free to all area residents.

We usually have a mixture of people from the faith communities, some who are homeless and others who want to enjoy a good meal with others. We’d love to have you come be part of this. Pilgrim Faith usually has a strong showing!

Interfaith understanding and cooperation has been an important part of our Pilgrim Faith ministry for a number of years and we seek to build bridges in our community so we can all be good neighbors to each other.