On My Mind: New Days, New Ways

A big part of Pilgrim Faith’s vitality is the way we try new things in our ministry. Some things are timeless, like
God’s love. The ways we experience that love, share that love with one another, spread that love to others and show
our love back to God are constantly changing.

Children used to sit in quiet rows and listen as the Sunday School teacher told them about Jesus. Now kids learn in active ways by doing. In the 1950’s a Pilgrim Faith pastor went door to door in Oak Lawn inviting people to church. People don’t want a stranger at their door anymore so now we are more likely to connect on social media. New days, new ways!

New ministries at Pilgrim Faith in the last few years include Trunk-or-Treat, Hot Topics discussions, Book Club, a
teen LGBT support group, interfaith work and a Summer of Wellness with a Biggest Loser contest, walking club,
healthy eating classes and strength training group. Some ministries continue for a long time. Some flourish
briefly and then end. Not everything needs to be new. What matters is the willingness to try new things as the Spirit
leads us. When we try new things, we are more likely to attract new people as well as feed the souls of those who have been around awhile.

I applaud all the wonderful new ministries you have brought to life with God’s help in the past few years. I’m
eager to see what God will do with and through us in the months and years to come. I’m also thankful for those who
continue our important long-standing ministries of music, mission, worship, pantry, homeless shelter, youth groups,
camp, retreats and Christian education for all ages. It all adds up to a vital church that lives God’s love in countless
ways to serve God and others!

As we ramp up for the fall, it’s a new day! I hope you will look around and find where you can serve, be it an important  old faithful ministry or a new initiative that offers new ways to God. Both ways matter a lot to God! You matter a lot God! Find the way God wants you to serve!

Pastor Peggy McClanahan

September 2017