Fall Bible Study – September 19 for 6 weeks

Meeting Jesus through His Parables

Pastor Peggy McClanahan will lead a six week Bible study on Meeting Jesus through His Parables this fall. The
class will meet for six weeks on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30pm beginning September 19 in the church lounge.

Jesus often taught by telling stories, known as parables. Rather than presenting a list of rules for us to follow,
a parable lets us look at our own thought and behaviors through the actions of someone else. They give us a glimpse of the way Jesus viewed the world and God. Parables create space for us to understand God in a new way or shift our
approach to life.

Join us as we explore a handful of Jesus’ parables and what they have to say to us today. Enter through the courtyard
on 51st Avenue and go up one-half flight of stairs to the lounge.  Everyone is invited, not just church members.