On My Mind: Facing The Future

As I prepare to retire in June and our church begins to plan for future, we are wading through a bubbly brew of excitement, sadness, hope, fear and anticipation.

Change is often hard. You are used to me and the way I do things, even when you wish I’d do it differently! We’ve been together through heaven and hell and held each other up. Some have been hoping I’d be here for their wedding or funeral or other celebrations or trying times. You probably know just what I will say and have come to count on that. Saying goodbye and welcoming another pastor will be hard for many.

Change is also often invigorating. We are a healthy, vital church because we are always changing, starting new min-istries, tweaking the old and laying other efforts to rest. The opportunity to work together with a new leader with new ideas and gifts can help Pilgrim Faith reach new people and bring God’s love to a changing world in exciting ways. Your openness to where God leads will move you forward in faith. Our Pilgrim Faith Mission Statement says “We will face the future together in fellowship.” That is one of our great strengths as a church. We not only worship and work together, we are really good at fellowship! We take time to get to know each other. We go on retreats together and eat lunches and dinners together and talk about silly things and important things. We pray for each other and lend a listening ear and a helping hand. It’s more than friendship. It is Christian fellowship, with the Spirit of Christ in our midst.

When you face the future together in fellowship God will hold you together and show you what to do. God’s future is good! So stick with each other and stick with God, while continuing to welcome others into the fellowship. That will lead you to God’s blessed future.

Pastor Peggy McClanahan