Get On Target With God – Celebration, Sunday Sept. 9.

  Rally Day – September 9, 2018 

Join us for our Rice Bowl, “Breaking Open” ceremony!  We will see how much money we have collected to feed orphan children.  
VBS kids and helpers will sing “Beach Be-Attitudes” song during church.  Church begins at 9:30, we would like the kids to meet downstairs (where we had VBS) by 9:15 A.M.  
After church (10:30) we will meet outside to have more FUN!  Dave’s Inflatable Target will be here (check out his Facebook page- Dave’s Dart Game).  It looks like SO much fun- a huge dartboard with Velcro golf, soccer balls, tennis balls, & launcher guns!  Oh, and we will have ICE CREAM, too!!

We would really love to have you & your family be our special guests!
: 9:15 A.M. September 9, 2018
Daune Sebastian & the Beach Party crew


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 Join us for ALL the FUN & bring your friends! 
P.S. Dave’s Dart games are for ALL Ages!