What matters to Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ

We are a welcoming church that values diversity. We attract members from many different religious backgrounds. Some of our members grew up in traditional households of another faith, and some found their way to us without any religious background at all. No matter what your faith experience has been, Pilgrim Faith is a place where you will feel welcome.

You will find our members generally are people who:

  • Want to focus on the positive aspects of religion, with an emphasis on God’s love for us and our love for God and others.
  • Are eager to be involved in serving the needs of the community and making the world a better place for all people.
  • Spend time thinking about their faith and who feel free to question and discuss matters of belief and the Christian life.
  • Look to God for help in living a life of love and care in the midst of today’s challenges.
  • See faith as a lifelong journey on which we support each other as we respond to God’s call.
  • Enjoy getting to know others in the church and see the church as an extended family.
  • Welcome and accept everyone.

Pilgrim Faith Church is an active part of the United Church of Christ, a progressive Protestant denomination that gladly welcomes members and participants from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, and those just beginning to explore their faith. The United Church of Christ focuses on God’s love for all and our love for God and others. It recognizes Jesus Christ as the head of the church and seeks to follow Jesus Christ in welcoming all and making the world a place of love and justice. Learn more about the United Church of Christ.

History:A church is more than Sunday morning worship and youth activities, more than fellowship groups, and more than a way of reaching out to the community and the world.

Each church has a unique “feel” about it, from the people who answer the phone and send out the newsletter, to the historical perspective it represents. Each church has traditions, from regular events to rituals, even to such things as the decorations on its walls. Pilgrim Faith has all this and more. Being a church that has grown through mergers – driven by both denomination and location – it has blended many traditions and, in this way, taken on a life of its own.

We would like to share some of this with you, as a way for you to get a better appreciation of what the church stands for and how it operates. Choose from the topics below to learn more about our organization, history and traditions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Peggy.