Church rental

Class rooms and social halls may be rented for meetings, showers, dinners and parties.  Contact the office at 708-422-4200 for details.





$  50.00

Not Available

Colonial Hall with kitchen – (1-75 People)

$ 100.00

$  200.00

Colonial Hall with kitchen – (over 75 People)

$ 100.00

$  250.00

Colonial Hall without kitchen

$ 100.00

$  150.00

Pilgrim Hall with kitchen

$ 100.00

$  200.00

Pilgrim Hall without kitchen

$ 100.00

$  150.00


no charge

$  150.00


$  25.00

$   35.00

Custodial Fee  (1-75 people)

$  50.00

$   50.00

Custodial Fee (75+ people

$  75.00

$   75.00

Damage Deposit


$ 100.00

DEPOSITS — All fees are due in full when the facility is reserved. A $100.00 damage deposit payable when facility is reserved is charged to members, non-members and outside organizations. The fee will be refunded in full unless damages are incurred to church properties or an additional custodial clean-up charge is warranted beyond what was contracted. In such cases, custodial or repair/replacement costs will be deducted from the deposit.  Any damages above and beyond the deposits will be charged to the user. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE POLICIES WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF THE SECURITY DEPOSIT.
CUSTODIAL FEE — Custodial fee applies to all individuals and to non-church sponsored groups/organizations using the church.  Availability of the church custodian is to be negotiated with the church office.
CUSTODIAL SERVICES — Every attempt will be made to insure that the church is clean and ready for occupancy at least one hour prior to the scheduled starting time as noted on the application form.  Custodial services that are included in the custodial fee include:  sweeping and mopping, vacuuming, trash disposal and cleaning of restrooms.  Even though custodial service is provided, users are requested to restore the facilities to the condition that they were in when first used.  Users are asked to properly police the areas used, pick up trash, wash dishes, and leave the premises in reasonable condition for the next user.
SETUP — Those using the facility are responsible for doing their own setup and for returning the room to its original setup.
ENTRY AND DEPARTURE  —  Users must make arrangements with the church office regarding unlocking the facility before the event and locking it after the event.
UTILITIES — All users will be expected to extinguish all lights upon departure.  Coffee pots and other appliances must be unplugged.  Extension cords for appliances must be “UL” approved and serve only one appliance.  Users are requested to check with the church custodian for special needs regarding the use of extension cords and appliances.
NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR SMOKING PERMITTED — The use of alcoholic beverages and smoking is not permitted in the church facilities.
WHO CAN USE PILGRIM FAITH CHURCH FACILITIES? — It is the policy of the membership of this church to make the physical facilities of the church available to church members and the community for activities which are compatible with the scope and mission of this church.  However, any person or group using the church facilities must comply with the policies and procedures as described in this publication.
APPLICATION AND APPROVAL — Approval authority for use of the church facilities is vested in the Board of Trustees.  It shall be the sole interpreter of eligible groups and has full authority to refuse any group whose use of the church is in conflict with the generally accepted use of the church facilities or in conflict with the mission and scope of this church.
Any individual or group desiring to use any of the church facilities is asked to fill out a written application prior to using the church facilities.  A form is available from the church office.  Each application is reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.  Upon approval by the Board of Trustees or their designee, the application form will be signed by either the Chairperson or a designated representative of the Board of Trustees.
PRIORITIES — Activities or events that are related to the program of this church have first priority.  Other activities or events that are church-related have second priority.  All other activities have third priority.  In the event of conflicts between church and non-church related activities, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to cancel the reservations of non-church related activities.  Every attempt shall be made to provide adequate notice in the event of cancellation.
INDIVIDUAL/GROUP RESPONSIBILITIES — Using individuals/groups are responsible for proper use and care of all church property.  In the event of damage, such individuals/groups are expected to replace or make restitution for damaged property.  Individuals/groups are asked to notify the church secretary or any inoperable or broken equipment, and the like.  Any concerns regarding the use of the church facilities should be forwarded to the church secretary who will in turn notify the Board of Trustees.
KITCHEN EQUIPMENT, UTENSILS AND CLEAN UP — For individuals/groups requiring the use of either church kitchen, several special considerations must be met.  Kitchen Equipment and Dishes.  Individual groups wishing to use kitchen equipment and items are expected to request their use and are expected to wash and properly store all items used. Users are also requested to report any breakage to the church secretary.  Kitchen Clean-Up.  Individuals/groups using the kitchen are requested to leave the kitchen area clean at the conclusion of their event.  This includes placing of trash in receptacles, clean off counters, wiping up spills, cleaning stove tops, washing and drying dishes, sweeping the floor, etc.
WEDDINGS — Pilgrim Faith conducts weddings for both members and non-members at the discretion of the senior pastor. Interested parties may obtain a copy of the procedures for weddings from the church office.
Approved by Trustees 5/9/17