Pilgrim Prophet$ Gift Cards

Through our Pilgrim Prophet$ program you may purchase gift cards from over 600 companies. You will receive a card for the full face value of your purchase price and Pilgrim Faith will receive a percentage of the price from the vendor. You can see a complete list of available vendors at Great Lakes Scrip Center. Under “Retailer List” in the left hand column, click on either “Alphabetically” or “By Category” to view the available merchants. In addition to the vendors listed there, you may also purchase certificates for Freshline or Fairplay during coffee hour.

You may orderĀ  cards during coffee hour at Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ every Sunday after worship. Your order will be ready for you to pick up the following Sunday.

You may also may order online at Great Lakes Scrip. This will allow you to pay directly from your checking or savings account. You will be able to download many of the cards immediately instead of waiting to pick it up on Sunday. Please use the following enrollment code to benefit Pilgrim Faith with your electronic purchase: C6E3F5D638833. If you would like a step-by-step guide to online ordering, please contact the church office or by downloading here: PProphetOnline

By purchasing gift card for the grocery stores and gas stations and other businesses you patronize you will benefit Pilgrim Faith just by spending what you already spend! You can also purchase cards to give as gifts! Thanks for your support of our Pilgrim Prophet$ program.