• WE are the people of Pilgrim Faith United Church of Christ. Believing that you, God, created us to love you and to do your will, we join together in this place, endeavoring to be your church.
  • WE will worship together, praising you and listening for your voice.
  • WE will learn together, studying your word as revealed in all times and in your world today, and sharing this word with all our families and our neighbors.
  • WE will serve together as you have commanded us, in our homes, our community, our nation, and our world, seeking to reflect your love for us.
  • WE will share together our various strengths and talents, our weaknesses, needs and hungers, our joys and our concerns, diverse in our background but united in our love for Christ and each free to follow conscience as the Holy Spirit calls us.
  • WE will face the future together in fellowship, sustained by your promise of life as a member of your kingdom both in our time, and beyond all time, forever. This we promise with your help, God. Amen.

Adopted at Annual Meeting, Jan. 1988